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Web Localization: The Key to Delivering a Stellar Global Customer Experience

Utilizing Technology to Enhance the Customer Experience: The Breakdown

Emerging markets have become an increasingly important audience for today’s marketers, as they offer significant new avenues for revenue. Traditionally, marketers would create buyer personas and place consumers into buckets to drive targeted marketing campaigns, but this approach doesn’t take into account the unique needs and personalities of cross-cultural consumers. …

In todays digital age, superior customer service and unique marketing strategies are more important than ever. Customers want to be able to connect with brands that deliver an authentic service. This means that brands need to become more human and not just operate as institutions or corporations. An integral aspect …

The 1970s experienced a radical shift in customer service that went way beyond salesmen sporting bell bottoms while on the floor. The introduction of IVR (or “Interactive Voice Response” technology) rocked the business world as automated customer services began to replace person to person interaction. Although it was initially slower …


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